The creation of D-Essence

In my career I have been a “user”, a “developer” and a “consultant” for customer service and supply chain related businesses. I have developed my expertise and used it in business strategy consulting. Applying change management and organisational change for “others” gave me insight in the effect of my advise on entrepreneurs.

D-Essence 8 jaarIn founding D-Essence I become an entrepreneur myself.
D-Essence stands for the source of my experience and belief that finding “the essence” of any business issue is key to its solution and acceptance.

Balancing between People and KPI's

One of the guiding principles of D-Essence is that all we do in business revolves around people. It is people that enable the functioning of a company. It is people that buy your products and services. Concurrently the management of the business processes is a "play" of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). D-Essence performs the balancing "act" between the two of them.

The D-Essence approach is based on the best of 8 years of management consultancy performed for a wide range of clients. This solid foundation provides the inspiration to convey the essence in words, in images and in training.

Are you searching for the essence of customer service and supply chain processes? I would be honoured to get in touch with you to elaborate on D-Essence of your business context.

With kind regards,

Coen Jeukens (handgeschreven)

De Essentie

In philosophy, essence is the attribute (or set of attributes) that make an object or substance what it fundamentally is, and that it has necessary, in contrast with accident, properties that the object or substance has contingently and without which the substance could have existed.

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