A good advice starts with communication and sharing of information. Here you will find articles and presentations straight from the D-Essence practice. Not only do they draw from experiences of the client base, they also project into the future ... for your inspiration!

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Introductie in Service Management

What is Service Management?

In a birds view this presentation will provide you with an introduction to the building blocks of Service, their internal relationships and the key performance indicators.

Service vergroot verkoopmogelijkheden

Companies miss on selling opportunities because they make too little use of the knowledge and customer-contact-moments generated by the service organisation.

This article describes how you can get more out of service and how you can leverage service expertise in other parts of your organisation. Finally a few wrods are spent on tips for the current financial crisis.

Entitled to more Service?

How do you determine if your custmer is entitled to service? Will he get a "standard" treatment or will the service be gold plated?

This article expands on terminology like Installed Base and Entitlement. When is it profitable to invest in these concepts in order to both reduce cost and generate additional revenue. A causality will be established between the client expectation during entitlement and the ultimate customer satisfaction.



An article is a brief composition on a subject.

An essay or research report on a subject.

The communication of something to the public; making information generally known.

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